We at Fox take pride in our core values.  Quality projects, performed in a timely fashion, with lots of hard work help us execute our philosophy of "Customer First".  We believe that if you live by these three values as a company you are 99% of the way to putting the "Customer First". 

Quality shows itself in the planning you put into the job, the execution of your daily tasks, as well as the finished product.  Quality from beginning to end is our goal.



Hard Work

The Core Values

Timeliness is not only completing a job on time, but being there when you say you are going to.  Our goal is Zero time wasted, thus producing a final product when promised.

Hard work was taught by many a man's father.  We were brought up that hard work produces results, and we live by this today.  We combine our years of knowledge with hard work to help execute our "Customer First" philosophy.